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What payment methods do you accept?

Acceptable Payment Methods

I'm having issues with Apple Pay upon checkout.

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Variations in Products

Preservatives, Color, Texture, etc.

Gift Card / Gift Certificate

Do you sell gift cards?

Skin Allergies

I have a tree nut and/or seed allergy or suffer from contact dermatitis. Can topical application of your products be problematic for me?

Pregnant and/or Breastfeeding

Is it safe to use your products?

Use on Children

Your products are natural, so they are safe for children. Right?

Use on Pets

Can I use your natural products on my pet?

Additional Product Information

How should I care for O.H. products?

What is the shelf life of O.H. products?


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Do you have a brick and mortar store that I may visit?

Why do you have two online stores?

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