About Us

My name is Mystique and together with my husband, Julio, we dreamed up Ouroboros Herbals. As a barber, Julio really wanted to provide his clients with a unique grooming experience, which he would later expand upon on the opening of his own barber shop, el Corte. I've always been a die-hard DIYer and once we seriously started considering solutions, I jumped at the opportunity to bring together my love of learning, appreciation of herbalism, and interest in the esoteric, among other things.

So, with this seed planted in my head, the loving support of my companion and some massive research, this "Bath Witch" conjured batch test after batch test of products. Once satisfied, they became part of Julio's repertoire or collected around our bathroom and our home office, which reshaped into a laboratory of sorts. Eventually, the expanding list of products flourished into more than just men's grooming and into Ouroboros Herbals. I had found my passion!

We followed our vision of providing a sensorial experience that would incite within you a yearning for your origins. A comfort within your skin brought about by the animalistic pleasure of soaking in organic flowers, botanical oils, and earth-rich minerals; or from slathering yourself in clay, charcoal, coffee grounds or any other ingredient we may find appropriate to summon. By means of aromatic alchemy, we wish to pull at the strings of your imagination and transport you to another place, perhaps a dense forest or an orange grove. We want to show you the immediate comfort that is found in age-old revered scents such as vetiver, cedarwood, or lavender; or for you to feel invigorated by rosemary, eucalyptus or peppermint. Furthermore, scents are very powerful and can conjure up special memories; perhaps, we can help promote the creation of new ones.

Once we started getting positive feedback, not only from friends and family, but also from strangers, and people began to ask where they could get our products we felt proud and satisfied. Although happy with this spark of interest, I had learned my limits along the way and decided to enroll in an intensive organic skincare formulation course. Soon we'll be rebranding and add new products to O.H., as well as offer local pickup options.

Currently, products are divided into three sections: Bath, Body, and Spirit; emerging from the influence of the fruits that our Mother Earth provides for us, as well as a fascination surrounding the mystery of the human being's very essence. Ouroboros Herbals makes its own infused oils, uses only therapeutic grade essential oils, grows and carefully sources the herbs used in its concoctions; and relies on intuition, nature, and alchemy.

With our roots in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we branch out to you via an online store and our initial Etsy shop. We originated quietly in 2014 with our small-batch, handcrafted emulsions and began our official venture mid-2015. We are always seeking organic, fair trade and locally produced ingredients whenever available. We believe in producing plant-based, cruelty-free and vegan products with the aid of nature and intention.

We may be small, but put great effort and love into what we do.

Love & light, 
Mystique & Julio